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Spirituality promotes consciousness, as a tool of God and as a uniting force behind which all things are driven. Pragmatically, consciousness has useful benefits, regardless of application. Dealing with consciousness can be blurry however, since there’s so much to go around.

Consciousness is everywhere. Across the fields of research there are people who have accessed universal consciousness themselves. Inside even inanimate objects there exists a receptivity and expressiveness that comes as close to the bar by which human beings measure consciousness as dolphins or artificial intelligence ever will. Consciousness stretches throughout the universe, in the complete vacuum of space, all through the sky, earth, trees, and even throughout our bodies, within cells and in the space behind our eyes.

Life is dominated by sensory perception and there is a natural compulsion to associate consciousness with self, to encapsulate the responsibility for consciousness within the brain, and to want accurate and assured knowledge – harmony indeed, is interaction in resonance with the truth. However, the self is not consciousness. Consciousness reverberates in a conscious mind but its presence throughout the universe is ubiquitous.

A duality of consciousness exists both inside oneself and also “out there,” with the true conditions of the universe needing to be validated between inward and outward perception. Meditation is useful when conflicts between internal consciousness and the virtual “out there” need to be resolved; “out there” becomes conveniently isolated behind closed eyes and our minds can focus on balancing the scales. However, walking around with one’s eyes closed isn’t an option in this world. Most people’s consciousness is constantly in the flux of daily life, where minutia, necessity, and circumstance make mediation hard for even monks.

Accuracy is one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially for a conscious mind. The dialogue between inward and outward awareness isn’t always a battle but throw in the constant complexity of modern life and the reliability of mediation suddenly isn’t enough. Not by itself.

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