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In Search of Conscious Conversation

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To the extent possible, a Conscious Conversation is grounded in an unfiltered, unbiased, and shared truth. This truth may not be held by all participants at the outset of a Conscious Conversation, but it should be by its end, if not sooner. This doesn’t preclude the possibility of one or both parties having a disagreement or differing desired outcomes, but these elements should be fully disclosed, with no hidden agendas or manipulation. This may rarely exist in a pure form, but the more, the better.


Empathy, respect, and caring regard for all parties involved. Even if competition, anger, or other volatile emotions are present, they should be subservient to a compassionate compass. Honesty is a required ingredient of a Conscious Conversation, but not if it manifests as excessive, unwarranted candor, e.g. “No, those pants don’t make you look fat. You ARE fat. The pants are blameless”. A Conscious Conversation can be direct and provocative, but only in a spirit of caring, not abuse.


Conscious Conversations are most likely to occur when they reflect a search for shared truths, as opposed to declaration of a rigid and singular ideology. Preconceptions, data, and hypothesis should be mutually validated, and challenges and new understanding must be welcomed.

If these are the dimensions of a Conscious Conversation, where do they occur in life? Are they common, or exotic? What is their natural habitat? To determine this, I began by reviewing if and where I’ve seen Conscious Conversations in my own life.

In one of my life roles, I’m an entrepreneur, business consultant, and salesperson. I help companies communicate or sell their ideas, and I may communicate or sell my own ideas to them. Any of those roles might entail a conversation to learn about their views and aspirations and align with my needs. Are those Conscious Conversations? Probably not. While I strive to achieve meaningful connections, I also see at both the micro and macro levels, achieving the required quadfecta of reciprocated commitment, honesty, compassion, and exploration in a profit-driven business setting is rare. I can’t speak for every circumstance, but I’ve been a plumber, electrician, car mechanic, and a pizza delivery guy and I didn’t see many Conscious Conversations happening in those settings either.

What is your experience? Do you routinely experience Conscious Conversations among business or salespeople? My observation is Conscious Conversations are also infrequent among politicians, lawyers, health professionals, soldiers, police officers, farmers, clergy, service workers and countless other arts and professions. There may be many people with many good intentions, but there are also a lot of opposing gravitational forces at work. Conscious Conversations may happen, but like a total solar eclipse, it’s unusual and special when everything lines up perfectly.

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