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In Search of Conscious Conversation

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As unpleasant as this may sound, it has also led me to have many valued and transformative Conscious Conversations with myself. The intensity of this solitary experience often delivers the commitment, honesty, compassion, and exploratory qualities that are generally lacking elsewhere. Here, there are no easy answers and no room for delusions, hidden agendas, or cruelty. Everything is on the table, centered on shared discovery and purpose. It’s taught me to show myself compassion and appreciate the good in even the most challenging experiences. I have also developed empathy and understanding of challenges faced by others, health-related or otherwise. In turn, these perspectives have better-equipped me to have substantive Conscious Conversations with those around me.

I believe this type of deep introspection may be the most common habitat of the Conscious Conversation. Illness is not the driver; spiritual people may also get to this level in prayer or meditation, when having a conversation with God or whatever truth or energy they are drawn to.

Perhaps this captures the full essence of what a Conscious Conversation might be. If one can find commitment, honesty, compassion, and open exploration in a conversation, it’s hopefully there. If that’s true, it may be necessary to bring that same level of integrity, openness, and love into the conversations that you have in daily life.

Perhaps achieving Conscious Conversation with oneself is a prerequisite for participating in a Conscious Conversation with others.




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