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Looking for Consciousness

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I live in the Southern Costa Rican forest and have a lot of time to listen to the silence.  I feel like celebrating when I realize I am conscious (which isn’t nearly as often as I’d like or expect).  I assume the idea that we are made ‘in God’s image’ has a whole lot to do with it.  The human form is very cool, but so are tigers and dolphins and eagles.  It must be our consciousness, and especially our consciousness of our consciousness — knowing we exist, realizing more or less (usually much less than more), when and how and where we are (the “why” word we won’t deal with in this mere mortal speculation), that’s so unique.

Take a few seconds to realize you exist. Can you do it? Will your expertly distracting, deviating ego allow it?  What a gift, to exist!  What an exponentially even more wonderful gift, to realize we exist!  We should be shouting, smiling, and thanking with deep heartfelt sincerity the Universe/ God/ the Field/ Source/ Higher Power/ etc. for this outrageous luxury, this awesome awareness of consciousness, so fragile and fleeting (it tends to become quickly muddied in normal, mundane, internal and external affairs).

Are we able to stop thought and time with meditation?  Can we realize we aren’t just ‘ourselves’…, that we have billions of cells ideally cooperating with the rest of ‘us’, while maintaining priority loyalties to themselves first?  More symbiosis is going on in and around us than we could (or perhaps would care to) imagine. 

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