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I still go to mass most Sundays and even read the lessons, but from a different point of view – fully embracing them and their intent without adding the Religious controlling interpretations.  After all, didn’t JC spend most of his time attacking the Organised Religions of his day? God knows what he would have to say about The Religion and other World Organisations of today.

  1. As I reread the above I’m struck by how my two ways of being, although distinct from each other are inextricably woven into my thinking and writing. It has me wonder whether the human being is essentially a sentient and spiritual being that is required to manifest itself in a structural and physical world and therefore can never perfectly represent itself.

Maybe embracing rather than struggling with this dilemma is the most complete way to engage with self and others. It’s when we try to resolve or deny this paradox that we lose our way and limit possibility, for ourselves and others.



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