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When was the last time you had a conscious conversation? A real conversation? One where both of you were conscious, truly conscious?

If you have experienced a truly conscious conversation, have you longed for more of them, more often? If so, how do you get there again? Is it up to someone else? Is it up to you?

Several years ago, Charlie Smith and I met at a friend’s 75th birthday celebration. We quickly connected at multiple levels, both intellectually and experientially. The experience was as effortless as well as it was engaging. We were truly sharing with one another – beyond ideas and information, into a deeper space of connection – so much so that we decided to continue our conversation on Skype, meeting at least weekly for a several months.

At one point in a call that again took us into a great sense of depth and connection, Charlie posited a question: “What makes these conversations so special?” Without a moment hesitation, I found myself saying: “Because these are conscious conversations.”  We both looked at each other through the screen in a state of obvious recognition of a truth revealed – not formed or hypothesized by either of us, but simply recognized as what’s so. Perhaps fitting of our backgrounds in psychology, we were both experiencing and exploring a “gestalt.”

For me this observation sprang from a place deep inside, a place where he and I were truly connected. We were involved in sharing awareness, experiences and ideas with one another. Sharing. Truly sharing. Neither of us engaged in trying to convince the other of the “rightness” of our ideas, awareness of experience. We were simply exploring together.

This shared experience led us to create a workshop together we called, Conscious Conversations, to which we invited a handful of friends from around the world. Most were strangers to one another who came together in Irvine, California for a weekend of conscious exploration, discussion and experience.

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