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The mind, generally, won’t when you want it to, and will, brilliantly, when not expected to. A self-imposed phenomenon, to be sure.

You’re a writer, stuck fast in your ‘writer’s block’ while searching rabidly for your denouement. You begin writing a vivid description of the ‘block’ – its death-like grip on the throat of your creativity, the over-whelming fear that your font is not only dry but has left the premises, and you flat-out refuse to acknowledge the possibility of senility. You can’t focus. Your ex-wife looms in and out of the back of your mind. She’s the reason! If she would only…No! It’s not her! It’s him! Your dad. Yes. That’s it! The SOB left you when you were only ten. Then nothing. Not a word for years. If you could find him you would knock him on his…WAIT!! Of course! That’s it!! The boy finds his father!

Suddenly you’ve got your ending. Your novel is finished. Your publisher loves it. It’s out and hits #1 on The New York Best Sellers list. You’ve made it and there you are, standing in front of your peers accepting your well-deserved Pulitzer.

Question: Given that the mind is interested only in the survival of itself, was it your mind that lead you down the above-mentioned path of discovery?

Atheists will go to any length, and have, to convince you that there is no God. Ask Bill Maher. Believers will die, and have, before denouncing their God. Thugs will threaten to kill their victims, and have, if they don’t get what they want. Presidential candidates will lie through their teeth, and do, to get their ass into the Oval Office.

What is the common denominator between these folks and every other folk throughout history, including Adam, that has us all, at one time or another, ‘do the dirty’ to our fellow man?

Greed? To be sure. Revenge? That’s a good one. Jealousy? Petty but powerful. Envy? Pride? Lust? All of the Seven Deadlies? Low self-esteem? We’ve seen the havoc that one wreaks. Put a man or a woman with one or more of these afflictions into a position of power and it’s a recipe for the emergence of yet another self-ordained ‘god’. This not only applies to the leader of a country but to any marital relationship as well.

Let’s investigate a bit further. A couple returns home and finds their house ablaze. There are jewels worth over $500,000 in the upstairs bedroom. Without a moment’s thought the man races into the house bent on retrieving their fortune and dies in the process. We’re all afraid of fire to some degree but what replaced this man’s fear of fire or, at the very least, made him ignore it?

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