Disengaging the Autopilot

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In every one of these corporate, association and personal cases, the outcomes were spontaneous leadership, innovation, healing, justice and breakthrough results for the company or the project.

Such results were sustainable so long as leaders continued to adhere to certain
Precepts or general rules that regulated their behavior or thought.


Precept One:  Inquiry is a Sacred Imperative.

Inquiry is any process aimed at increasing knowledge, improving communication, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. In any field where Inquiry is Sacred, the greatest sins of all are ‘Unnecessary Explanation’ and ‘Already Knowing’. There is a Force for Betterment in the world. The ancient Greeks called it “Sophia”– the force of learning, of unknowing, of ‘always questioning’. There is also an ever present Dark Side – let’s call it “Explainata”– the man or woman who always already knows.

Many people speak from a presumption that they already know.., and present what they have to say from that starting point. In most corporation, managers act (at least in public), as if whatever the boss says is right, whether they personally think so or not.  In the same way, cultural rules or systemic imperatives can be found in any culture.  Inquiry, with the aim of increasing knowledge, improving communication, resolving doubt, or solving a problem, in the face of these rules is at some point, illegitimate. Ultimately, people who ask forbidden questions are dismissed or attempts are made to reeducate them. The cost to the system is to be stuck with current problems and opportunities, even those that thwart the possibility of a better future.

The commitment to never-ending Inquiry enables never-ending sets of questions, which lead to more never-ending sets of questions that keep getting closer to solving underlying problems. Such Inquiry is worthy of respect, veneration, even worship. Even without elevating it to the level of a Sacred Imperative, this is critical to resolving many political, corporate, religious, class, environmental, international, and economic problems that are already a matter of life and death for some, and predictably for many in the future.

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