Disengaging the Autopilot

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Precept Five:  Alignment, the phenomenon of shared commitment, is a competence that comes alive when you see yourself not only as a part of the whole, but also see the whole as greater than the sum of the parts.

The following note from a corporate executive describes her experience of this transformation:  “Our chat helped me a lot, to focus on me as simply a part of the whole.  I had always thought of myself as the conductor of the symphony, but never realized that I might actually be in the pit playing bad notes and setting everyone off key.  I really thought of myself as separate, but I’m not, nor do I want to be, because the “whole” is my life and I shouldn’t be trying to “manage” it like some kind of spectator.”
(Elizabeth Downes, PMO Realty)

Precept Six:  Leadership for Transformation requires Creative Indifference as one aspect of a leader’s Character.

People make boundaries all the time.  When these come from a boss or an unspoken culture, most people keep their mouths shut or dilute the intensity of their speaking.  Creativity is not unleashed and collective intelligence often gives way to collective stupidity. The beauty of “Creative Indifference” is that it takes you to a zero point in a conversation where you can see every dimension of the continuum between possible points of view. It allows for the freedom of choice, movement and thought that can bring the best out of yourself and other people.

In the simplest terms, Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy), said that “.., by remaining alert in the center, we can acquire a creative ability of seeing both sides of an occurrence and of completing an incomplete half.  By avoiding a one-sided outlook, we gain a much deeper insight to the structure and function of the situation. For example, the present is the ever-moving zero-point of the opposites; past and future, where creative indifference informs and balances the polar differentiation while not becoming it.”
(Gestalt Therapy. Perls, Hefferline, and Goodman,1994.)

Precept Seven:  Personal Energy Expansion is the Bottom Line.

People’s personal energy and vitality is the wind in the sails of business activity. There are more and more examples of successful companies recognizing this.  Many inspired examples are apparent in those actively pursuing Conscious Capitalism, Business Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development in broad social, environmental and economic terms, and bold technological innovation.

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