Disengaging the Autopilot

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Precept Eight: Quantum Escape Velocity is Always Available.

Escape Velocity is the propulsion, energy, vitality, and staying power needed to break free of a massive object. To go to space, the massive object is the planet Earth and Escape Velocity is 17,500 miles per hour. In life and work, similar enormous gravitational pulls exist in culture, personal identity, and dominating relationships.  In Quantum terms, there are countless ways, powerful and subtle, to mobilize Escape Velocity in different situations. There are techniques, technologies, interventions, tools, liberating structures, (The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures, McCandless and Lipmanowics 2014) conversations, rewards, innovations, acts of kindness, shifts in your way of being, and acts of courage or vulnerability. The list is endless, but what is common is that they all call for “uncharacteristic action”– something not typical for you, your group or your company.  The trick in choosing or inventing a way of achieving Escape Velocity is to know that “the therapy is always the opposite”.

Whatever you or others are doing, or however you are being that doesn’t work, try doing some form of the opposite. The magic is in the act of uncharacteristic strategy or action. One of many examples is illustrated by a division of a global food manufacturing and sales company that had crippling cost problems.  A thrilling new culture and millions of dollars in savings were achieved in the moment when the leadership team achieved Escape Velocity by standing in front of the whole company and sharing their personal vulnerability and that they truly needed everyone’s help, ideas and support in figuring out what to do.  The magic is always in baking an upside-down cake.

The Code Breaker in achieving Escape Velocity is in being able to see for yourself what lies beneath and is not obvious, that is holding you and others back from true alignment, from being in the same boat, from all working to win the same game together.

Precept Nine:  People are more important than money.

Over the years, it’s become increasingly apparent in the organized and bureaucratized world that money is more important than people. When people are considered resources, consumers or producers instead of human beings, it’s much easier to treat them as objects to be used and discarded when they are no longer considered useful or necessary. Profit or efficiency as the bottom line are widely accepted and promoted in culture, economic theory, and public behavior of leaders especially in times of difficulty or crisis. The idea that money is more important than people is today a paradigm, even though most people don’t think it’s right because it’s immoral as a policy and cruel as a practice. This seems to have been the common sense, always already way of operating a business often moderated by kindness, fairness and good will from leaders, customers and employees.

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