Disengaging the Autopilot

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When a leader or team member takes full responsibility for assuring that the weaker forms of energy are generated, Escape Velocity from the grip of culture and identity ignites.  A quick summary of these seven energies follows:

1. Will and Power – This energy is the essence of power itself.  It is the force of purpose, direction, centralization and oneness, of which the will is the keynote.  It has the qualities of intensity, dynamism, quickness and dominance.

2. Caring and Connection – This energy is the source of relationship and the power that comes from connection, magnetism and alignment.  It is the energy of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition.

3. Active Intelligence – This energy carries an underlying impulse towards respect for active mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and artistic activity.

4. Harmony through Conflict – This energy stands at the paradoxical point of harmony, bridging and mediating amidst conflict, pain and struggle.  It carries the continuous opportunity for transformation.

5. Concrete Knowledge or Science – This is the energy of substance, knowledge and science.  It leads to research, analysis, imagination and continuous inquiry.

6. Devotion and Idealism – This is the energy of dedication and service to others. It carries a single mindedness and intensity. It can bring loyalty and long term allegiance.

7. Organization and Ritual – The seeds of devotion and desire pour forth through this energy.  It generates form, adherence, intensity and persistence.

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