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Singapore of Europe

The most creative moments in the long progression of human history did not take place in the vast empires of Asia or Europe. They occurred in tiny city-states such as ancient Athens, renaissance Florence and Venice, and modern day Silicon Valley. Creativity is not a matter of size, as the remarkable achievements of Singapore demonstrate. It is a matter of aspiration and commitment. Starting out with a per capita income of only $500 at the time of its independence in 1965, today this nation of only seven million people has a per capita GDP one hundred times greater and exceeding that of the USA. In terms of real purchasing power, it ranks 2.75 times higher than Slovenia.

As Singapore is strategically positioned on the sea routes to and from Asia, Slovenia is situated in the heartland of Europe. Now that the barriers dividing East and West have been shattered, it lies directly on the Silk Road from the Far East to Western Europe. Its central location, and excellent physical infrastructure are significant strategic advantages. Its earlier history under authoritarian communism and central planning has left many scares and old habits that it has yet to shed. The country’s physical beauty and diversity are enchanting. It’s very low level of inequality ensures that the actual living standards of the people are far higher than the GDP figures would suggest. Its highly educated and innovative population reflects a rich wealth in human capital, which will be the single most important determinant of social evolution in the 21st century.

What Slovenia seems to lack is a vision of the future and an impassioned commitment to make it a reality. Traditionally such visions have come from great leaders such as a Lincoln, Gandhi, Tito or Mandela. In today’s free and highly interconnected society, the business community in Slovenia can play a leading role in envisioning a future that is not just good for business but good for the people and the nation of Slovenia as a whole. A combined effort by business, government, the academic community and civil society could generate a new model of society that combines the freedom and creativity of the West with the sense of security and community more developed in the East. Winning the hearts and minds of the Slovenian people is an inspiring challenge, worthy of a closely-knit group of people with much to be grateful for, much that it can give to the rest of the world, and much more yet to accomplishment.

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