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From Thinking to Zero Gravity to Paradigm Shift

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Transition Two: Consciousness Is Zero Gravity

“Between stimulus and response there is a space,
In that space is our power to choose our response,
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl


Is Thinking the Same as Consciousness?

True consciousness is a state of centeredness and presence that very few of us can master, particularly in moments of stress, discomfort or anxiety. Yet, this state can be the solution to such problems, or at least open up a new possibility. People who meditate deeply or practice yoga to an advanced level are capable of such states. But how can an ordinary person experience this?

I look at myself and ask, “What is my consciousness occupied with right now?” It’s occupied with meeting the deadline for this article, taking my daughter to hospital this afternoon, reflecting on the weekend I’ve just had, focusing on the busy week ahead of me.., and many more, even thousands of things that are present in my mind today, but have either happened already (past) or are going to happen (future). What about now? How conscious am I to me, my body, my breathing and my spirit?

Thoughts seem to be objects, and objects can get in the way of our relationships, our work, and our ability to experience the now. So how do we remove these objects? You may be able to remove a physical object from your desk or room to somewhere out of sight, and this physical object no longer occupies your attention. But thoughts aren’t actually objects. Thoughts are abstract and cannot be simply removed. Can we embrace our thoughts.., fully, really connect with them, and not be in the grip of them?
Or, maybe thinking is not consciousness.

Adapted from ‘The Perfection of Awareness’ by Burt Harding:
* Consciousness is Primary – Thoughts arise in/from Awareness
* Consciousness does not Judge – Judgment arises in/from
Consciousness as Thoughts
* Consciousness is Boss – Thoughts are Servants
* Consciousness is Passive – Thoughts are Active
* Consciousness does not come and go – Thoughts manifest and die
* Consciousness is Non-Reactive – Thoughts are Reactive
* Consciousness is Now – Mind/Thoughts create Past and Future
* Consciousness has no memory – Thoughts become mind/memories
* Awareness is Beyond Space and Time – Mind/Thoughts create Space
and Time
* Consciousness can exist without Thoughts – Thoughts cannot exist
without Awareness
* Consciousness is the real You – Thoughts are the fake You (Ego)
* Consciousness stays in Background – Thoughts come in the
* Consciousness is like Ocean – Thoughts are like Waves in the Ocean
* Consciousness is Silence/Stillness – Thoughts are Noisy/Turbulence
* Awareness is Absolute Reality – Thoughts are Illusions

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One Comment

  1. Mark

    November 15, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    The element for me that has been difficult to work with in situations requiring a great or lesser shift in approach is working with the very situation you site in team/ board example. How to assist those who find it difficult to move from the”doing” of life into a space where they can gain suffocient awareness of the current moment situation to step back and begin to accept that a “time out” is necessary. It seems that this the point where an awareness is forced into an alternative action, hitting bottom, before enough energy is gained to envision any need to find a different path that can lead the way forward to a new day. The mind set of “diong” something, focusing on the stuff and not on enhancing value, is sp pervasive and ingrained that blinds folks that there could be other ways of “doing”, such as space for meaningful conversatioon of purposewith clear focus of outcome. For so many it seems a waste of time over “gitter’ done”.


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