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From Thinking to Zero Gravity to Paradigm Shift

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Transition Three: Appreciate that the Whole of any situation is greater than the sum of its parts.

This transition moves a person from a linear, past-based mindset to a place capable of imagining a new paradigm, to an awareness that the whole of a situation is not the sum of its parts.., and is always greater than the sum of the parts. Why then are most of us are stuck in dealing with the parts?

In the first place, dealing with the parts is not an obvious choice. In any situation, there is always a background awareness, and people automatically create clear images out of diffuse background and then act as if that’s what’s real. We then explain and justify that reality as the truth.

Preconceptions and beliefs determine how the world occurs to us; literally what we see happening. These preconceptions are embedded in memory. So long as I look into my mind and its preexisting images and language to make sense of things, the reality of whole being greater than the sum of the parts is inaccessible. For example, the CEO part deals with the marketing part and the financial part, and the relationship of the other parts to one another, but rarely considers the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This mechanism can be interrupted under some circumstances. Consider the Astronaut experience in looking at Earth and the universe from the moon, and from low earth orbit, and the experience of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, and inexplicable.1 It’s a mystery and an experience of the whole. At the same time, there were exceptions, in those astronauts so focused on the job at hand or so embedded in an analytic mindset that they continued to have a pre-existing mind-driven experience, and could only be partially aware of the limitless nature of the whole they were looking at.

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One Comment

  1. Mark

    November 15, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    The element for me that has been difficult to work with in situations requiring a great or lesser shift in approach is working with the very situation you site in team/ board example. How to assist those who find it difficult to move from the”doing” of life into a space where they can gain suffocient awareness of the current moment situation to step back and begin to accept that a “time out” is necessary. It seems that this the point where an awareness is forced into an alternative action, hitting bottom, before enough energy is gained to envision any need to find a different path that can lead the way forward to a new day. The mind set of “diong” something, focusing on the stuff and not on enhancing value, is sp pervasive and ingrained that blinds folks that there could be other ways of “doing”, such as space for meaningful conversatioon of purposewith clear focus of outcome. For so many it seems a waste of time over “gitter’ done”.


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