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From Thinking to Zero Gravity to Paradigm Shift

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This suggests that deliberate training and practice in present awareness and consciousness expansion (versus simply observing, analyzing and thinking), is needed to induce the experience of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. The automatic naming of what one is aware of utterly disguises the holistic, interactive nature of what we are dealing with. When we look at the stars at night, or at a company, what we are aware of is not the sum of its parts.
“Reality is nothing but
The sum of all the awareness
As you experience here and now
The ultimate of science thus appears…
The irreducible phenomenon of all Awareness”
Fritz Perls, 1969

Therein lies the insight that the whole determines the parts, which contrasts with the previous assumption that the whole is merely the total sum of its elements.

Transition Four: Appreciate how a bottom line of Energy and Consciousness Expansion can resolve seemingly irreconcilable issues.

Conventional wisdom says that form follows function, and most of the world is structured this way. Corporations are structured to make money. The military is structured to defeat an enemy. However, a different reality has been revealed which says that form actually follows consciousness, and systems with the most available energy prevail.

Shallow levels of consciousness are framed by anger, guilt, fear, shame, control and avoidance, while deeper levels of consciousness are framed by love, cooperation, creativity, and non-judgment. People operating at shallower levels of consciousness are contained within boundaries that limit their creativity, imagination, ability to cooperate and willingness to risk.

Deeper levels of consciousness are relational in nature. Energy expansion and consciousness expansion seem to go in hand in hand. Systems with the most available energy usually prevail. Relationships and projects that are failing have visibly lower and lower energy levels in their members. As a whole, Energy is a good predictor of success.

Leaders who can hold seemingly irreconcilable opposites in their minds at the same time are better able to provide direction for addressing complex, interactive and conflictual issues such as corporate integration, global warming, immigration, improved bases for economic systems, long-standing tribal disputes such as the Israeli-Palestinian, Sunni-Shia, Conservative- Progressive, and other political-social impasses. We propose that shifting belief to an energetic and consciousness-based nature of reality will lead to a grand future for humanity by diminishing much of our prevalent either/or, right\wrong, win\lose mindset.

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One Comment

  1. Mark

    November 15, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    The element for me that has been difficult to work with in situations requiring a great or lesser shift in approach is working with the very situation you site in team/ board example. How to assist those who find it difficult to move from the”doing” of life into a space where they can gain suffocient awareness of the current moment situation to step back and begin to accept that a “time out” is necessary. It seems that this the point where an awareness is forced into an alternative action, hitting bottom, before enough energy is gained to envision any need to find a different path that can lead the way forward to a new day. The mind set of “diong” something, focusing on the stuff and not on enhancing value, is sp pervasive and ingrained that blinds folks that there could be other ways of “doing”, such as space for meaningful conversatioon of purposewith clear focus of outcome. For so many it seems a waste of time over “gitter’ done”.


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