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A Call for the High Performance Human Workplace

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INDIVIDUAL GROWTH:  100 percent responsibility for creating opportunities for people to grow as a human being

Individual growth helps achieve better business results and helps people do things in ways that are more satisfying. We keep looking for ways for people to deliver without feeling suppressed, stressed or victimized. Personal growth, going beyond one’s own self-limiting beliefs, is not usually a condition of employment in companies. We end up getting stuck with the limitations of our bosses and employees as well as our own.  It’s easier to talk about growth than be fully responsible for creating opportunities for people to grow as human beings and not simply as “human resources.” This means going beyond sharing development opportunities and agreeing that there is a need for personal growth. The first step is for leaders to invite real personal growth commitments and demonstrate the ability to be committed to another person’s success. This grows from boss to employee, amongst peers and from employee to boss.

NOBLE PURPOSE 100 percent responsibility for Value Creation Beyond Profit

In most companies profit maximization is the main context. The truth is that profit does not get most people engaged at all. It is also true that a company cannot exist without enough profit.  But, profit is not a legitimate goal when it is in fact a result! Profit comes as an appreciation for services and products. People do not get engaged and energized in the presence of the profit motive. They engage from delivering something meaningful and having a meaningful experience.  There is a story about a man at a building site who asks a worker, “What are you doing here?” The man answers, “I am building a wall.”  He asks the same questions to another builder, who answers, “I am building a Cathedral.” That is the essence of engagement.

People engage when they experience value being created. They tell their friends they are creating meaningful products and services. They want to work with the pride that firemen have in saving lives. It’s the leader’s job to believe in something that attracts talented people and enroll others into it. The best leaders help the organization to find a deeper meaning in what the company does.

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