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A Call for the High Performance Human Workplace

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TRUST 100 percent responsibility for creating Trust as the foundation of  the culture

People want to be empowered.

Employees and managers want to trust that:

• They can be more than a number.

• They are cared for when they care for the mission.

• They will not be punished for speaking the truth.

• They will feel support when being bold and exploring unknown territory.

• They can feel safe.

Trust means we let go of control more often. It means we say goodbye to the view of humans being as lazy and needing incentives to perform. Trust means we stop tolerating shallow relationships in corporations.

I have evidence that there is a strong will in almost everybody to create something great and have an impact.

I believe that Trust is not a training problem but a commitment challenge for leaders.  When a leader is 100% responsible for trust in a company, it appears.

TRUTH SPEAKING 100 percent responsibility for allowing people to speak what’s really on their mind

Issues can only be addressed in the daylight. If leaders won’t allow the real truth to be discussed, the company gets stuck with mediocre relationships and performance.

Telling the truth is a huge challenge in companies because people are afraid to do it. There are many reasons for this and responsibility for it lies with individuals and leaders alike.

Managers often say they want to be updated on problems only in the company of solutions.

To be 100 percent responsible for Truth Speaking is to give full permission:

• To say what’s not working without offering a solution.

• To declare issues that are outside one’s own work area.

• To say what’s present, real and true for oneself, in the moment in meetings and privately ( e.g. “I feel that the energy is low right now in the room,” or “I am not sure that we are aligned around this topic”…)

Employees can usually sense when the truth is being hidden.

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