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A Call for the High Performance Human Workplace

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COMMITMENT 100 percent responsibility for driving a culture in which people honor their word

Nothing great can happen unless people do what they say. This means 100 percent personal responsibility from leaders to a culture in which people honor their word. As good as this sounds, it is also rare. To honor your word is not the same as being satisfied with “trying your best.”

Ron Bynum said, in a personal communication, “Sometimes when people do not honor their word, they never gave it in the first place, but you thought they did. Honor is as good as it gets. Honor is the essence of respect. Life invites us to create a future that calls us forth with integrity, power and contribution. In responding to that invitation, you and I are embarking on a risky adventure; we already have high stakes in the game of being alive.

In those areas where our commitments call for extraordinary action, there is an extraordinary edge to be found in the power, the freedom, and the exhilaration of giving and living as our word. By giving and living as our word, you and I cease to be spectators; rather, our speaking becomes an action that begets action, and impacts the world. When you give your word you create a condition that supports your commitment, rather than merely accommodating your moods. When you honor your commitments over your preference of the moment – when you choose to do what you said solely because you said so – in that moment you are expressing yourself as action, rather than as a collection of mere ideas, wishes or dreams. In such moments, you find yourself producing results that seem discontinuous and unpredictable from the spectator’s point of view. Giving your word has no particular rules to follow, no fall-back positions when the going gets tough. It provides no justification for your actions, no reasons for failure or success, no rationale to buttress the choices you’ve made. Yet, giving your word does provide access to the immense power of your own resources, to the inspiration and freedom available in committing yourself to what’s possible, and placing your life in the service of that stand.”

In this, as well as the rest, I invite you to join me in being fully responsible for creating the High Performance Human Workplace.

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God is in the Neurons: Can We Rewire our Brains? [Athene]

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To Flicker or Swing: The Fire and Pendulum of Leadership [William Bergquist and Agnes Mura]

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