Work and Love

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Though we may not be able to immediately name it, intuitively we know it is there.  In fact, after 40 years of research Piaget confirms this explicitly:

 “There is a constant parallel between the affective and intellectual life throughout childhood and adolescence.  This statement will seem surprising only if one attempts to dichotomize the life of the mind into emotions and thoughts.  But nothing could be more false or superficial…. Thus affectivity and intelligence are in-dissociable and constitute the two complementary aspects of all human behavior.”

It seems that we have indeed attempted to dichotomize thinking and feeling and now at the start of the 21st Century, more and more of us are beginning to notice the effects of this false separation.  It’s not so much that we need to integrate the mental and the emotional domains as that that we need to recognize, at the deepest possible level, that the two were never really separate in the first place – distinct, of course, but not separate.

One cannot “cause” a leap of consciousness.  It is either a gift of grace or a product of evolution at work.  What one can do is seek to be in partnership with evolution by making oneself as ready for it as possible.  As Shakespeare’s Hamlet demonstrates his remarkable transformation from brooding passivity to resolute action, his words to Horatio in the last act of the play are, “The readiness is all.”  It is in that spirit that we invite you to make yourself, your team and your organization ready.

A mindset is a Systemic Imperative for Companies and for Individuals

What shapes action in any system are the Systemic Imperatives.  These are the fundamental rules, myths and beliefs that guide people’s actions day by day.  For example, US President Calvin Coolidge famously said in 1920 that, “The business of America is business”.  What he didn’t say is what should guide Americans as they went about that business.  Work without love is eventually degrading to individuals and can only be kept going with a use of force that ultimately causes as much resistance as benefit.  And eventually, love without work becomes lifeless.

In large organizations, far more often than not, the Systemic Imperative assures that work and love remain separate and the primary motive for being in business is to make money.  From this fixed belief, corporate leaders wander around in the dark looking for the key to magical success far from the place it was lost.  What releases great performance and leads to an engaged culture, however, is a paradoxical framework of love and work as two sides of the same coin.

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