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Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism

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The impact of Economic Fascism that I observe in many different corporations is:

Money is always more important than people, and loyalty is undermined.

Many people think only what they are paid to think.

Collaborative problem solving doesn’t happen enough between hierarchical levels and between functions.

Control Freaks are promoted to high position with resulting rigid management of the most valued resources.

Ideology prevails over Inquiry and keeps anything new from happening.

Relevance is determined by linear measurement while human factors are minimized and results are weakened.

Peoples’ vitality, energy and natural creativity are suppressed. They become bored.  Culture de-motivates.

Dramatically reduced quality and sales, with plant shutdowns from quality problems and other misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Lack of truth telling to avoid upsets and accommodate authorities produces misleading information.

Fundamental problems are not acknowledged, identified, investigated, or fixed.

The punch line is that Economic Fascism kills what it doesn’t like and creates enormous resistance, whether explicit or covert.  In contrast, Collective Intelligence requires a temporary suspension of beliefs, and calls for dialogue, inquiry, generous listening, openness, diversity of views and willingness to experience uncertainty longer than usual.

The Promise of Collective Intelligence is to create high performing and caring human workplaces, communities, political systems, and nations.

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