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Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism

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Research and Breakthrough Applications of Collective Intelligence promise to include:

  • Non-ideologically based economic systems that would be able to learn positively from their experience and not unnecessarily distorted by historical beliefs.
  • Levels of cooperation and co invention to enable migration of humans to other planets with new forms of effective and cooperative forms of social order and governance.
  • Reduce the number and intensity of ethnic and national identity based conflicts.
  • Political systems that reflect the best of Conservative and Liberal points of view.
  • Innovation in large systems unsuppressed by the fact or character of hierarchy.
  • Sensible balance between measurement driven and innovation driven concerns.
  • Less conflict and war.
  • Harmonious marriages and other forms of family organization.
  • Effective systems and governance in generating individual responsibility.

The future of humanity depends on the choice between Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism.  Why now?

Founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, Tom Atlee suggests that as complexity and crises increase more people and institutions are recognizing that our collective intelligence at every level, and especially in its wiser forms — has tremendous potential to produce positive change and even turn major breakdowns and crises into evolutionary breakthroughs.  He sees Collective Intelligence as a kind of Holy Grail of social change and creativity, and says, “If we better understand how to support, increase, and facilitate it, we will more effectively co-create a better world.” http://www.co-intelligence.org/ConveningTheCIField.doc

British systems consultant John Caswell says, “Most organizations spend countless time and billions of dollars trying to solve the wrong problem.”

Learning to value and use Collective Intelligence is the right problem.


Photo Credit: NASA.gov

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