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Finding Freedom in the 21st Century

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Not sure about you, but I was convinced as I learned about the holocaust and other terrible experiences that it could never happen again.  I try not to be cynical (cynicism is simply an adult way of avoiding being disappointed).

Bad stuff continues to happen.  Being confronted with an industrialized ‘Walmart World’.., watching the next humanitarian disaster.., it is almost impossible not to become cynical or to submit.

How do I walk the tight wire: balancing that accepting – taking what is offered, doesn’t become submitting – letting the truck run over me?

How do I brush the chips from my shoulders: “Don’t tell me.”

There was a big sign in Howard Behar’s office – one of three guys who built Starbucks – “Nothing sounds like the truth, like the truth.”

Where do I find moments of good.., whispering, saying, or yelling a little of my truth? Finding the good stuff that is happening.  (read How to Save the World by Daniel Boorstein writing about the Ashoka fellows, or watch www.landfillharmonicmovie.com, and many more.)

And re-membering:

Remembering that we have forgotten is the first practical step home; the opening of a tidal gate that brings us into contact with the larger, stronger currents of existence.  Exile and forgetting are natural states for most human beings, but so are remembering and recalling.  All tasks are completed through cycles of visitation and absence.  We should get used to this cycle and integrate it fully into the way work or a vocation is achieved and not hold ourselves to impossible standards that are often quite tedious, giftless states.  (David Whyte, The Three Marriages.)

Stravinsky was conducting an orchestra, rehearsing a new piece of music he had written.  After several attempts the violinist stood up and said to Stravinsky, “It is too difficult, I cannot play it!”  Stravinsky answered, “What I am after is the sound of someone trying to play it.”

Where I find freedom is remembering that all I have to do is make the sounds of someone trying to live my life.

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One Comment

  1. PeterRoche

    February 12, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    “Where I find freedom is remembering that all I have to do is make the sounds of someone trying to live my life. A context to live a life from. Love it!


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