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Generating Balance: An Ontological Ingredient For Global Transformation

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Where do we begin looking in order to address the entanglement of world issues and controversies that vitally touch all human beings on planet Earth? We find ourselves deluged by daily news that provides evidence for how incredibly out of balance we humans are. What restores balance to humans? Our challenge is to provide ourselves with an ontological tool, one that is based on our being, which we can utilize to restore balance in any personal or professional circumstance.

Our tendency is to look in three distinct directions whenever we want to resolve an issue or crises. Exploring the atomic micro-world of gluons and mesons has given us many useful technologies, but it is not likely that it will give us the balance in our humanity that we are looking for. Certainly microwave ovens and micro-technology are useful, at least for those of us in the world who have electric wall outlets. But atomic research has also produced weapons that have contributed to our lives being more out of balance. We can be grateful that we have learned that what seems so small and insignificant can be quite awesome and valuable. This applies to seven billion humans.

We also tend to look in the opposite direction, the immense macro-world of our galactic universe. The few astronauts who traveled even slightly into our relatively tiny solar system came back having experienced what became called the overview effect. They looked back at our beautiful planet and although lost for words, said this: we are all one; we are all in this together; war and strife solve nothing. The challenge is to get leaders to recognize this. We could offer all world leaders a ride onto a spaceship promising them a return ticket ONLY if they made authentic promises for real solutions. This could work, except we have a budgetary and transportation crises that prevents it. Realistically, leaving the Earth is not going to save us in the near future either.

But we still have our human sized meso-world of seven billion neighbors. How is balance possible here? Our social systems and governments are primarily invested in self-preservation and dominance, and do not share enough common principles for getting along with one another. They cannot even agree on whether, or when, war and violence are justified. When political leaders are out of balance, citizens tend to follow. Certainly some of our nations have made inroads towards opening the doors of wellbeing, freedom, and diversity, but the jury is still out on others.

What are we humans to do?

Faith is a guide for the majority of people on planet earth. There are so many beautiful and valuable teachings! So what about God? Oops. Here we have to be careful because of the different spokespersons who insist that we first have to use the proper name. But which one: God, Allah, the Divine, Jehovah, Wakan Tanka, Yahweh, Brahman, and many others? Again, getting humans to agree is a problem. History is against us. There are so many people of faith that continue to behave quite intolerantly and violently with one another. When religious leaders are out of balance, their faithful tend to follow. Certainly religions have given us moments of courage, community, and hope, but the jury is still out on others.

We find ourselves spinning our wheels. We know that our human world is out of balance, and that the consequences are both evident and immediate.

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