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Generating Balance: An Ontological Ingredient For Global Transformation

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The ability to determine is to learn to apply and practice this. Leaders of countries and religions, parents, teachers, project managers, executives, police officers, therapists, and coaches are all responsible for holding a certain space, and determining the life and wellbeing that are promised in that space. If they give without dominance and receive without submission, balance will occur. This can be taught within any social system or religion, and applied in the background of every global issue and in every home. All people can learn to touch and share being.

Mother Earth smiles when we play in joy. She does not like it when we fight over things, but she trusts that we will grow up and learn to work it out. At times she can only hold the space regardless of whether what happens is beautiful or awful. There are days when it is pretty tough for all of us to see what the seven billion children do.

We humans are balanced living beings when we learn to hold intimately, give with gentleness, receive carefully, and determine wisely.


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