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The Invulnerability of Being Vulnerable

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Before my eyes he morphed into an entirely different person.  Had the expression on his face spoken it would have said, “Thank you.  Thank you for hearing me.”

“Look,” I said.  “I appreciate the opportunity.  So let me read for you.  I’ll give you my best shot and if you can use me, great.  If not, well, at least I got to meet you.”  We talked for an hour: about the business, families, guy stuff.  He was wide open and so was I.  I didn’t get the part.  Not that one.  But I auditioned for him on four separate occasions and he cast me twice.  He became a friend I would have missed had I been practicing “invulnerability.”

Now I practice “vulnerable” at every opportunity.  Always successfully?  No.  But I’ll tell you, even an unsuccessful “vulnerable” is much better than a successful “invulnerable.”  If I had a Jewish grandmother, right about now she’d say, “Try it.  You’ll like it.”


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