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Encounters with “The Other”: A History and Possibilities

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9. You can’t get there from here… not easily
Once we are locked into the experience of Power without
Love is not experienced as a possibility.
Good idea maybe, but not with these people!
Once we fall into Power without Love,
our experience of the “other” as irreconcilably foreign
feels solid, a reflection of reality.
This is who they really are.
All efforts to change are seen as foolish, pointless,
Not with these people.
All of this happens without awareness or thought.
All of this is a consequence of our systems blindness.

10. System blindness, system sight
In our human interactions
we are constantly falling in and out of
patterns of relationship with others;
Power without Love is one such pattern.
Here is what we need to know:
The patterns we fall into shape how we experience
ourselves and others.

When we are blind to systems,
we believe that our experience of the “other”
is a reflection of reality –
This is who they really are.

When we have system sight,
we understand that how we experience the “other”
is a consequence of the pattern we have fallen into.
Change the pattern and our experience of them will likely change.

When we are blind to systems,
we think that the realistic way to deal with our relationship with the “other”
is to dominate, oppress, suppress, exile, or destroy them.
Who wouldn’t do this to such people?

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