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Encounters with “The Other”: A History and Possibilities

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13. There is the truth about human relationships
and there is our willingness to accept the truth.
The truth is:
the patterns we fall into shape our experience;
change the pattern and our experience will change.
That’s the truth.
Do you reject it out of hand?
Do you believe it?
Or are you willing to test it?
Infuse Love into Power.

14. So, it may be possible for us
to change our experience of the “other,”
creating a robust relationship,
a relationship in which we recognize, accept, and
potentially value
our differences from one another,
while also experiencing our commonality;
a relationship in which we pursue our separateness from
one another,
each going our own way,
while also connecting with one another in ongoing
meaningful ways.
Relationships of Power and Love.

15. The alternative is always at hand:
bigotry, oppression, suppression, exile, and murder.
In the following section there are brief descriptions of
some of the 20th and 21st centuries’ catastrophes stemming from
Power without Love.
Some are examples of Tolerance solutions devolving into Purity solutions.
Some are examples of enlightened, high-culture civilizations falling into barbarism.
All are examples of the triumph of system blindness over system sight,
the consequences of Power without Love.

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