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Coaching True Believers

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Healers being healed,

Drumming, weaving in frayed circles

Over and over and  over and over

Wounds open

Tears seeking salvation by other means

Sigmund said normal is,

to love and to work.

Healing and being healed in this place

is addiction shunning

alcohol, abuse, red meat, and worldly pressure


Nodding knowing looks

she says that “Spirit told me to be here,

Me, I’m almost throwing up in my Jeep driving to the airport

as before a high school football game

in Boston 47 years ago

crisp smelling green field,  unknown threat


Gentle, native, medicine man healer

I trusted, supported, cared for

now leading instant, dervish, white coven harpies screaming

Healer says to all that Raven knows

my next airplane will crash 

and all will die especially me


Riveted full of kind, broke, dancing loonies still

I’m scared in the airport soon the plane to board

as if this menace was not said

I will get on this airplane

clutching my family love beads, Soul born new each day

with forced respect of Raven


Family now, moment of intense presence

My job’s done, loves protected as well as I could

I give myself to God, Fate, Karma and whatever else is holy

I wish I knew but can’t make things up

or believe what I’m told


Wheels up

At least I’m in first class

Captain sounds confident

Not climbing fast enough for me

remembering Avianca never did make it up

except back to the airport

plain stewardess smiling 

who said eleven in the morning was too soon to drink?

Imagine dying with cheap peanuts in my mouth


How can I go through life convinced

that ninety percent of the people I meet  are true believers?

Herman Melville said,

“All deep earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the Soul

to keep the open independence of her seas?

 I’m trying Herman

At this moment, it’s Charlie (1), (True Believers 3)


Colorado Rocky Mountain high

not a bad place to die

scattered in such beauty


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