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Health-Based Coaching: The Many Dimensions

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This means that we are not likely to find any meaningful support among people around us when we are confronting sustained stress and impeding trauma. We are standing alone, with no one to hold our hand or offer support (and helpful advice) about how we might best address the stress and trauma. This is where a health-based coach can be of greatest value. If our coaching client can begin addressing the stress and trauma issues in a successful manner, then it is possible for them to begin building meaningful and supportive relationships. A new, constructive cycle is engaged.

Inflammation and Disease

If the prospect of always running away from lions and finding no time for meaningful relationships is not sufficient to convince our potential clients that health-based coaching can be of value, then the prospect of reducing inflammation and disease might get their attention. An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. The negative impact goes even deeper and wider. Our brain as well as our body can be impacted: neuroinflammation is inflammation of the nervous tissue. It may be initiated in response to a variety of cues, including infection, traumatic brain injury, toxic metabolites, or autoimmunity.

The good news is that our more informed understanding of inflammation opens new possibilities for treatment and therapy that focuses on blocking the inflammatory processes.  Here is the critical point to be made: every chronic disease is an inflammatory response to the body’s inability to heal. The bodily inability to heal, in turn, often is attributable to the body’s ongoing, distracted engagement in stress-related behavior. There is no time for the healing of bodily functions if I am always diverting attention and energy away from this healing to escape from the lion. “I will get to the inflammation reducing procedures later—right now I am trying to remain alive.” But the day for repair never comes. And the diseases mount up – leading to an even more stressful life, a greater sense of helplessness, and greater vulnerability to trauma.

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