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Seventy Pathways to Sleep

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Upcoming Edge of Knowledge Seminars

Learning at the Edge of Knowledge doesn’t stop with sleep. Edge seminars are scheduled approximately every four weeks (with a recess during the summer months). Here are the next two sessions of Edge of Knowledge [a helpful financial hint: if you sign up now for all three Two Hour Graduate School seminars, there is a 20% reduction in your total tuition – and you are guaranteed of enrollment in all three of these seminars.]

Personality Disorders in the Workplace: Learn about the major mental health issues that pervade our contemporary workforce (reported as 14% in some studies). How do these personality disorders impact the workplace and what can one do as a coach and/or leader working in an organization where key people are struggling with mental illness (and impacting on the life and work of other employees). This seminar will be conducted by Kevin Weitz, Psy.D. who wrote an essay on this topic that is among the six most widely read essays in the Library of Professional Coaching (out of a total of 900 documents).  As in the case of all Edge of Knowledge seminars, this Two-Hour Graduate School comes with a tool that can be immediately used to help coaches and coaching clients identify and determine how to work with those who manifest personality disorder.

Date and Time of the Seminar:  May 21 (Tuesday) 11am to 1pm (East Coast USA time)

The New Architecture of Jobs and Teams: Coaching the Design of Effective and Equitable Workplace Environments: Learn how to diagnose and help to design (or redesign) jobs and teams so that they are maximally effective (and so that the people involved feel that they are being treated in a fair manner with appropriate expectations and resources to get their job done). Participants will be able to immediately use two tools inside the Two-Hour Graduate School that helps them assess their own job (as a coach, leader or member of a team). These two tools can be added the coach’s tool box and engaged to enrich the coaching (or consulting) process. This seminar will be conducted by William Bergquist, Ph.D., who has used these two tools as a consultant working in high-tech and pharmaceutical firms, as well as in training programs offered in North America and Asia.

Date and Time of the Seminar: June 19 (Wednesday) 3pm-5pm

Tuition: Sign up for all three seminars at a total cost of $200

[A savings of $55 when enrolling separately in the three seminars]

Contact Melissa Lilley to sign up for the three seminars: mlilley.psychology.edu


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