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In Search of the Missing Particle

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The theme of this issue of Transformation is to search for a simple way to deal with so many of today’s problems that seem so big, complicated and inaccessible. The list seems endless, religious, tribal, political, environmental, true believers, racial, gender, economic and human nature based, to name a few.

Still, in history, there have been many men and women who, like Alexander the Great, have cut though through an entangled Gordian Knot, an often used metaphor for an solving an intractable problem.  Consider notables such as Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison, Vincent Van Gogh, Louis Pasteur, Joseph Conrad, Pablo Picasso, and many more unrecognized individuals, families and communities. What they seem to have in common is the ability to imagine opposites or contradictory ideas at the same time. Michael Michalko does a brilliant job of describing this at The Creativity Post.

I was intrigued when a physicist told me that when something couldn’t be fully explained by an otherwise viable scientific theory, some would seek to invent a new particle which did not yet exist, which if it did exist would account for the problem.  So, I’m imagining that there is such a particle (a minute fragment or quantity of matter), that allows a person to hold opposites in their mind at the same time. For example, Abraham Lincoln aggressively led the American Civil War where hundreds of thousands of men and women were killed and injured, while at the same time was a moral, kind, and loving man.

The authors in this issue speculate about the nature of such a particle which, If it existed would allow a person to imagine two opposites or contradictory ideas at the same time.

Judith Glaser

Miracles Do Happen! The DNA of Healthy Conversations

Judith is a world renowned author, coach, and creator of the discipline of “Conversational intelligence.” She has made personal and organizational development accessible to thousands of people in simple and effective ways. Remarkably, Judith has transform her life experience into healing, Effectiveness, and benefit for thousands of people.

Charles E. Smith Ph.D  

The Interbeon

Charlie is an author, executive coach, and editor of this Transformation Magazine.

Jonathan Lewis Smith

Free Will

Jonathan is a brilliant analyst and entrepreneur for creating technology for helping people and  making a better world. His imagination and inventive spirit Is evident in his writing, his conversation, and in  his ability to go beyond the limits and confines that keep most people from actually thinking for themselves.

Gary Clarke  

A Janusian Theory

Gary is an artist and a movie maker. He was a star in the popular television program, “The Virginian,” written many movies, and has a career in movies, theater, and community plays. Gary combines talent, humor, human decency, and spirituality.

Alexander Berlonghi  

Generating Balance: An Ontological Ingredient For Global Transformation

Alexander is an Ontological Coach and has developed an and remarkable approach to understanding and improving the ways people relate to themselves and others. He is an author and a teacher and lives and in the mountains of New Mexico North of Santa Fe. His consulting and teaching practice is currently in Peru, Chile, Mexico, and the United States

Dominic Turnbull and Charles Smith  

From Thinking to Zero Gravity to Paradigm Shift

Dominic is an organizational development and leadership consultant based in United Kingdom. His practice is global and he combines extraordinary insight with down to earth language and commitment to his clients.

David Norris Ph.D.  

Beyond Perspective

David is one of the best transformational program designers, coaches and in trainers in the world. His ability to simplify and order complex organizational problems and relationships in ways that results in quantum shifts in point of view and practice it Is extraordinary and a gift to those that get a chance to experience it.

Bix Bickson

Can Fairy Tales Come True?

Bix is a wondrous combination of humor, insight, honesty, ferocity and commitment to doing the right thing at the right time. He is an organization development consultant, a transformational trainer, a philosopher and a caring human being. His personal and business impact is immediate and impossible to dismiss. His bio contains a long and diverse history of accomplishment. I’m proud that he is my friend.

Dr. Mark Goulston  

Solving for Simultaneous Experiences: An Algebraic Approach to Getting Unstuck

Mark is a superb analyst of the human condition. His ability to makes helpful sense of life and work it Is unparalleled. He is a prolific author, blogger, public speaker, counselor, and consultant,





























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