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Gestalt Coaching for Awareness Management: The Elements of Mastery

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The COE and UOW process tools offer Gestalt coaches opportunities to work with client awareness and strategically offer observations, aware projections, data-based feedback, and transformative inquiry. These interventions stimulate unexpected discoveries and alternative choices that open pathways to new behaviors, outcomes that illustrate the liberating quality of Gestalt coaching and Gestalt practice, for coaches and particularly for clients. Learning and growth are influenced by the degree of self-awareness and the use of one’s awareness.

If a situation calls for the leader to affirm and stand for their values, can they? If a situation calls for creativity, can the leader invite the conditions for sharing new ideas? If there is emotional intensity, can the leader compassionately acknowledge but still manage the emotions? If an employee appears stressed and care is called for, can the leader offer the needed empathy? If important information or ideas need to be shared, can the leader communicate these at the right time in the right ways? If an issue is unclear and data unavailable, can the leader call upon intuition to offer an inspiring insight or solution? If the future seems threatening, can the leader point to emerging possibilities that offer opportunity?

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