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The Future of Coaching: Trends that Illustrate the End is Near

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[To learn about the pioneers of the coaching industry and learn about their vision for coaching practice, there is no better source than Dr. Vikki Brock’s Sourcebook of Coaching History.]

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One Comment

  1. Glenn Allen

    December 30, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Fabulous article. As a 20+ year organization development professional schooled in the NTL methods, I’ve been, well, disgusted, to see work taken from my plate by “coaches.” Where I would have listened, offered (not required), and helped with feedback on various approaches for setting and achieving goals (or not goals), I’ve been told I can’t “coach” in some Federal Agencies because I’m not “ICF certified.” Meanwhile, some of the folks I’ve met in the “coaching profession” seem woefully unbalanced and bereft of use-of-self skill. What a mess, and you captured it. Thank you.


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