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False Idols

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A few fools have tried to conquer the world.  Other people have become true saints for their actions and service.  What unites these people is that sense of their own part to play in the course of human events.  That’s the kind of responsibility I’m talking about!

Am I lying to myself?  I’m not a megalomaniac, but I do believe I have something to offer this world.  At the same time, I’m deeply aware of the gap that exists between what I want to be and what I am.., a dissonance between the possible choices in my life and the possible impact I want to have.

In the face of this dissonance, it’d be easy to accept ordinary reality – at least that reality in which I have no power over human history and purpose itself is an illusion.  I should banish my false idol.  It’ll only lead to disappointment anyway, and should I really risk my future on something as abstract as possibilities?  It’s certainly safer to follow the road I’m already on.  Choices are upsetting anyway.

Which lie I’m telling makes me feel safest?  The one that says I can be something important, or the one that says I can’t?

If my false idol crumbled into dust, who would be standing in my shoes?

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