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Issue One: Exploring the High Performance Human Workplace

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Photo Credit: Story Musgrave, Cape Canaveral Rainbow

To Explore the High Performance Human Workplace.

During the past 43 years, we have met people who successfully and heroically enable companies to negotiate the paradox between high performance and humanity. These people walk the tight rope between demanding results and being kind.

When my family spent a week in Amsterdam a few years ago, we were surprised at how clean and attractive, how simple and useful public transport was, how helpful the people were, and how there were so many bicycles carrying both young and old. We asked a cab driver why this was so. He told us this that was the only place he knew where people are responsible for their own culture.

This first issue is to honor and invite people who know that high performance and humanity are possible in their own offices, families, communities, and companies to speak out.

Photo Credit: G. Michael Smith

There is an ancient story about 37 Rabbis in hiding, who if they found each other would heal and transform the world. We write to find these people all over the world and to give power to their words in this magazine. They have it in them to create the world we want for our children, our children’s children, and the rest of those yet unborn.

This first issue is to explore the territory of high-performing and human workplaces where money and people are of equal value, customers and employees are treated as human beings rather than things, where people feel safe, and where high performance and genuine relationships go hand in hand.

Charlie Smith


Table of Contents

High Performance Human Workplace [Dominique Guilini]

Avalon and Glastonbury: The Merlin Factor [Charles Smith]

God is in the Neurons: Can We Rewire our Brains? [Athene]

What Would Homo Systemicus Do? [Barry Oshry]

To Flicker or Swing: The Fire and Pendulum of Leadership [William Bergquist and Agnes Mura]

Traffic Management and Business Performance: A White Paper [Ian Prosser]


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