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Curated 2020: Leadership

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Leadership Competencies

The documents in Section One of this Curated volume on leadership competencies are founded on the work one of us [JS] has done, through the CoachWorks corporation, in the identification of five best practices related to a program and set of publications on Legacy Leadership.

Leadership Styles and Journey of Groups to Teams

Section Two documents focus on differing styles of leadership and build on the Leadership Spectrum template formulated by the other co-editor of this volume [WB].

Leadership Development and Coaching

In the third section of Curated 2000, we turn to the development of leadership competencies and identification of leadership styles. Documents in this section often concern the important interplay between development and coaching.

Throughout this 2020 edition of Curated, we hope that you will find insights being offered from many different perspectives regarding the nature of effective leadership. These insights can be engaged in reflecting on and taking action regarding your own leadership and leadership being enacted by your coaching clients.

In stepping down from the bluff and entering the world of VUCA-Plus, we both know that effective leadership is critical and not always easy to achieve. We join you as lifelong learners who seek to contribute in a positive way to the life that we all lead and to the work in which we are all engaged in a world filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, turbulence and contradiction.

With warm and appreciative regard for all readers of this volume,

William Bergquist, Ph.D.


Jeannine Sandstrom, Ed.D.



[Note: Many of the Photographs published as Banners for each document are credited to Izaak Phenix, Elizabeth Bouve and Kate Phenix]


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