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Professional Challenges Facing the Coaching Field from an Historical Perspective

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Rather than only one of these eight scenarios coming to pass, we are seeing parts of several scenarios as coaching continues to become more widespread and diversified across the globe. Currently the professional coach associations are seeking to raise the barriers to entry and standards for being a professional coach.  Yet a number of those seeking to become trained coaches want to use coaching in their current profession, not to become professional coaches. Additionally, many successful executive and leadership coaches have not received coach specific training –yet they are coaching at the highest levels of major corporations. Finally, a number of long term coaches are raising the issue that coaching is losing its soul in the push toward self-regulation and higher standards.

So, what is your role in the future of coaching?  Practitioner, thought leader, information provider, follower, or something else.  The key is for each of us to consciously choose our role(s) and then align our actions and behaviors to move toward this future.



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