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Leadership and Stewardship: Nurturing the Field of Executive Coaching

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Integrating All Three Domains of Stewardship

We close by offering two essays that emerged from NECS and that exemplify the engagement of stewardship at multiple levels. The first essay focuses on Leadership Development and its enhancement through engagement in Executive Coaching. This essay was prepared by one of us [WB] and is based on notes taken in the small group dialogues that were held at this summit. Here is a link to this essay:

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching: Reflections from a Summit

The second essay concerns a different area of concern, the intergenerational gap. The authors, Joan Wright and one of us [WB] offer a portrait of the special, soul-filling relationships that can be created – and have often been created—between the young and old of a society. They show how a cross-generational bridge can be built that benefits not only the younger generation and older generation, but also the “sandwich” generation that resides in “troubled water” between the young and old. This essay emerged from a conversation that took place between the two participants during NECS. Here is a link to this essay (published in the Library of Professional Psychology):

Building the Bridge: Inter-generational Generativity

We hope that you find these essays of value—as they offer diverse, multi-tiered ideas regarding how to create and sustain stewardship in a specific area of concern (such as the development of leadership) or in a particular field or discipline (such as executive coaching). We certainly need dedicated and sustained stewardship in our deeply troubled and divided world.

William Bergquist

Bill Carrier

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