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Issue Five: Breaking Free

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This issue of Transformation Magazine, a Quarterly Road Map, is about “Breaking Free.”

Breaking Free means to escape the pull of gravity — of a company culture, a family, a community, or even your own mindset. It is a moment to moment phenomenon. It makes a difference in the moment and you can’t count on it to last.  Every time you break free, you become part of what you created, which means that what you get in each break free moment is new ground to stand on and start again.

Inspired Futures Start by Breaking Free

• Going to the moon was breaking free of the gravitational pull of the earth.

• The United States began by breaking free of colonial England.

• Every corporate transformation comes from breaking free of culture.

• The Renaissance was breaking free.

s breaking free of hatred led South Africa to unified democracy.

• Apple Computer came from breaking free.

• Saying no, once and for all, is breaking free.

• Saying yes, once and for all, is breaking free.

• Learning to think for yourself is breaking free.

The authors in this issue have touched countless people’s lives and businesses around the world. Each has a way of being that moves others and brings freedom where there is none. While everyone has their own way of being in the world, there are those whose special way makes big waves and has enormous impact. In Rob Reiner’s 1987 film, The Princess Bride, Mandy Patinkin delivered the iconic line, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”  Everyone I know remembers the movie and the line. It was the timbre in Patinkin’s voice. He was empty and full and utterly present. He was sad, compassionate and silent when there was nothing to say. He was kind and carried an ever-present sense of danger. From his riveting way of being, the story, the simple elegance of the words, and Mandy Patinkin himself became famous.

Each of the authors in this issue is such a person.

Following is a link to each of the articles in this issue of Transformation, as well as a bit of information about each author:

Nadine Hack      Co-Creation Through Engaging

Nadine is a world recognized expert in multi-sector, multi-issue “win, win, win” partnerships. She brings her expertise to strategic action planning, creative problem solving, insightful policy analysis, and politically sensitive negotiations. As President and CEO of BeCause Global Consulting, she has helped leading corporations, governments, foundations and NGOs fulfill their goals. Promoting “good deeds as great investments,” her work with scores of corporations creating mutually-beneficial partnerships has included Coca Cola, which she advised on transforming its HIV/AIDS policies and procedures in Africa in collaboration with stakeholders from governments and advocacy groups.

Bix Bickson      Finding Freedom in the 21st Century

I’ve known Bix for three decades, starting when I participated in a personal development program he was leading. He was brilliant, funny, penetrating, and held the attention of 250 people for three days without skipping a beat. His work and the program changed the course of my life and the lives of most of the people in the room with me. Bix is a great trainer, a fine organization development consultant, and a positive force in the world for social change.

Lori Martin Gregory    Five Steps to Breaking Free

Lori is a surprising woman who combines remarkable gentleness with fierce intention. She is a talented yoga instructor and healer, and a force for positive change with individuals and in communities. With a strong background in business and organization development and full attention on healing the human spirit, Lori makes a big difference everyplace and with everyone she meets.

Bart Barthelemy and Candace Dalmagne      Divergent Collaboration

I worked for Bart 30 years ago, when he was a senior executive in the United States Air Force and project director of the National Aerospace Plane Program (NASP). The program included 10,000 people across the country and was a pioneer in designing a ‘single stage to orbit’ airplane that would fly at Mach 25 (25 times the speed of sound; about 17, 500 mph). This is ‘escape velocity’ and what it takes to pull away from the gravity of the earth. Bart is one of the finest possibility thinkers on the planet.

Candace is an exceptional team leader and program manager. She led the team that invented, designed and is implementing the ‘divergent collaboration” model described in this article. Her history in environmental consulting, training and development, and cross-cultural program management is evident in the brilliance of the writing.

Jayne Warrilow     Breaking Free from Our Cultural Chains

Jayne is transforming the way the world trains coaches, individuals, and develops organizations. Her theory and practices in applying the power of human energy and resonance are easy to understand, extremely practical, and carry the magic of transformation. Her internet-based and face-to-face work in training and consulting to leaders is rooted in deeply personal and professional experience. She is a gift to everyone she touches.

Marc B. Cooper    Culture and Core Values

I met Marc in the early ‘80s, through a professional association we had both joined, and have watched him grow from a talented and sensitive individual into a force for transformational change in the practice of dentistry in the United States. From his own education as a dentist and long experience in developing transformational leaders, his work with individual and community-based practice groups establishes models of professionalism and effectiveness at the frontiers of what’s possible. As a consultant, coach, designer, author, and program manager Marc is world class in both his talent and his impact.


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