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Creating Islands of Sanity

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The theme of this next issue of Transformation Magazine is “Creating Islands of Sanity,”

Thomas Friedman recently wrote in the New York Times ,“”These accelerations in technology, globalization and Mother Nature are like a hurricane in which we’re all being asked to dance. Trump and the Brexiters sensed the anxiety of many and promised to build a wall against these howling winds of change. I disagree. I think the challenge is to find the eye. For me, that translates into building healthy communities that are flexible enough to move with these accelerations, draw energy from them — but also provide a platform of dynamic stability for citizens within them.”

Miraculously, I read this while stunned by recent events, and trying to imagine a Magna Carta, a fundamental framework for guaranteeing rights and liberties and sanity for the times we live in.

The authors in this issue are among the most thoughtful and values conscious people I know.


Jonathan is a brilliant analyst and entrepreneur for creating technology for helping people and making a better world. His imagination and inventive spirit Is evident in his writing, his conversation, and in  his ability to go beyond the limits and confines that keep most people from actually thinking for themselves.




Nadine is a global consultant and a renowned force for the possibility of responsible and humanitarian enterprise.

Creating Communities of Connectedness and Hope



John leads a global organizational and transformational consultancy based on Structured Visual Thinking, a way to understand past present and future in the most gripping and effective manner I’ve ever seen.

In Pursuit of an Island Life



Dominic is an organizational development and leadership consultant based in United Kingdom. His practice is global and he combines extraordinary insight with down to earth language and commitment to his clients.

William Shakespeare   St. Crispins Day



Bill serves as President of The Professional School of Psychology and has authored or co-authored 50 books and many articles and essays (often to be found in this library)>

Finding Sanctuary in  a World of Complexity, Unpredictability and Turbulence



Charlie is an author, executive coach, and editor of this Transformation Magazine.

In Search of islands of Sanity



Howard is a world class organizational and leadership consultant. His clarity and practical insight helps clients around the world achieve what they want with a sense of true accomplishment.

Echo Chambers of Sanity

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