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Issue Nine: Game Changing

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To change a game is to completely:


change the way that something is done, thought about, or made.  It has the potential to alter the overall outcome.  It is an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

Landing on the moon
Electing social justice advocate President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932
Designing an airplane to fly 17,500 miles an hour, Mach 25
Ghandi saying, “No more colonialism” to the British
My friend, a Roman Catholic nun, leaving the Church for a secular life
A consultant who stopped being afraid to sell to clients beyond his reach, and then just going for it until it worked
Companies deciding to make Social Betterment as important as profit
The Internet operation called “Anonymous” now hacking, undermining, and taking down the communications systems of Jihadists and Racist entities.

I once heard Deepak Chopra say, in a London “Be the Change” conference, say that, “The universe consists of an infinite number of possibilities that don’t exist until you ask a question.”  Game changing is about asking the right question, often a question that is unthinkable within the existing ways of operating.  A game changer is someone who “thinks the unthinkable” and sometimes does it.

There are a growing number of compelling situations in the world crying out for a game change.  Explaining why this happens makes no difference.., from terrorism to money in politics, to climate change, to racism, to elites accruing wealth and power, to the conflation of religion and virtue in the military and public arenas.  Until there is a widespread, legitimate game called “game changing,” we seem to be stuck with what we’ve got.

The articles in this issue are written by some of the brightest and most effective people I’ve ever met.   They are living proof that being a “Game Changer” is possible.

Garry Jacobs is CEO of the World Academy of Art and Science with a history of successful business and culture change consulting.  He has is able to see context, process and content at the same time, in ways that allow diverse groups to collaborate and find ways to move forward together.  Garry finds ways for leaders to integrate and accept both profit and responsibility for values-driven betterment at the same time.

Garry Jacobs: Double Your Profits in Two Years or Less

Shlomo Yishai is Executive Director of Humanities Global Research Center.  He is a visionary, researcher, and educational consultant.  He has the rare imaginative and practical ability to articulate new frameworks for economic success and human mutuality.

Shlomo Yishai: Human Mutuality System

Bart Barthelemy is Founding Director of the Wright Brothers Institute in Dayton, Ohio. He was formerly a Senior Executive at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Project Director of the Mach 25 National Aerospace Plane Program.  He is a master of Divergent Collaboration is one of the best possibility thinkers on the planet.

Bart Bathelemy: Changing the Game–Changing the World

Thomas Zweifel is a Professor, transformational business consultant, author and a world class integrator of noble purpose and business purpose.  He is creative, precise, spiritual, effective, tough minded, and kind.

Thomas Zweifel: The Ten Commandments for Gamechangers

David Norris is a master of creating distinctions and practices that make complex situations simple, inspire people to become more than themselves, and respect their collective mission.  David is uncanny in his ability to create the right questions for the situation at hand.

David Norris: The Right Question

Ray Charlton is an executive coach, a committed sponsor of betterment in companies and in the world.  He is a student of human nature and organizational behavior and was instrumental in the early years of my own development.

Ray Charlton: Small Change for a Bigger Difference

Marilyn Smith is one of the best integrative thinkers I’ve ever met.  She is an attorney, mediator and social activist.  She led the Chicago Center for Conflict Resolution into a thriving and effective force for alternative dispute resolution in Illinois.  She now is a consultant in Indiana for collaborative problem-solving, buying and selling of businesses, and training mediators and officials in the Indiana judicial system.  Marilyn is a master of relevance and the Search for the Golden Mean.

Marilyn Smith: My Interest Has Waned

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