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Issue Eight: Stop Lying to Yourself About Who You Really Are

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The theme for this issue of Transformation Magazine is, “Stop Lying to Yourself about Who You Really Are.”

This issue started when Jinny Ditzler, my friend and author of the successful book and life practice, “Your Best Year Yet,” wrote a piece in the Huffington Post about having promised to “Stop lying to herself about who she really is.”  I was struck by the power here, remembered times I was very successful, and saw that at those times I was fulfilling the truth about myself. Then I looked at jobs, contracts, relationships and projects that didn’t turn out well and saw that, at each of those times, I had been lying to myself about who I really was.  I was doing it for money, boredom, nothing else to do, fear, or the prospect of something good happening later. Stunned, I asked, “Where do I do now do this?” “What’s the cost?” “Can I stop?” Why should I?  “Who else do I know that does this?”  There were too many questions, and I stopped counting. This issue has stories and insight about the Revolutionary Awareness that can come from this inquiry.

I acknowledge the authors in this issue for their sensitive, personal and vulnerable work. Each of their articles contains penetrating insight and opens a deep and ongoing conversation for each of us, our families and our clients.

Jinny Ditzler: How to Stop Lying to Yourself About Who You Really Are

Jinny is a world class coach, author, and creator of The Best Year Yet Program which has helped countless people and companies invent a new and better future.

Nadine Hack: The Lies that Blind: The Truth that Sets You Free

Nadine is a global consultant and a renowned force for the possibility of responsible and humanitarian enterprise.

Peter Roche: You Lie to Yourself. No Really, You Do! And It’s Costing You

Peter is a Wisdom Mentor to Senior Executives around the world.

Mick Crews: Trust, the Enabling Context for the Emergence of Truth

Mick is the best analyst in the world of what is really going on in complex systems. He combines kindness and hard edged reality.

Tom Lutes: The Great Plastic Pretense

Tom is a remarkable, multidisciplinary trainer, counselor, well being consultant and a poet of human nature.

Dominic Turnbull: The Benefits of Not Lying to Yourself About Who You Really Are

Dominic combines the precision of a great Soccer player with mastery of transformational counseling and organizational development.

William Spencer: Stop Lying to Yourself About Who You Really Are

Wil is a senior executive coach and designer of collaborative systems for corporate and governmental organizations.  He is an experienced mediator and force for Peace with Justice in the world.

Jonathan Lewis Smith: False Idols

Jonathan is an environmental activist an emerging entrepreneur in innovative water generation systems and ways of making life better through technology. He is one of the most aware people I ever met.

John Anderson: Becoming Who You Really Are

John is the first person who, early in my 45 year career who pointed me in the right direction. He opened a world of corporate competence, foreign travel, good taste, and mindful invention. John set me on the path to becoming who I really am.

Charles E. Smith: I Am Not a Speed Bump

KGS says that Charlie continuously integrates new thinking and fresh approaches into paradigm shifting conversations. One client introduced him by saying that “he always beings oblique shafts of illumination”.

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