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Issue Seven: Transformation is an Idea Whose Time Has Come

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The purpose of this issue of Transformation Magazine is to imagine new rules for what is troublesome about force-driven, linear, hierarchical, centralized, authoritarian systems.  Such systems can easily be identified in governments and agencies, businesses, religions, professions and associations, families, marriages, communities, charitable enterprises, and organizations of all kinds.

The challenge is to imagine something different, with the conviction of a Martin Luther — the German priest whose disillusionment with the abuses of the 16th century Roman Catholic Church sparked the Reformation.  In 1517, Luther presented his concerns in the form of ninety-five theses which, in legend, he nailed to the door of the Castle Church at Wittenberg — an act of defiance that stands as a powerful example nearly 500 years later.

Today the internet serves much as did the church doors of the 16th century.  Yet it remains just as difficult for most of us to imagine what we consider to be ‘not possible’.  Why is this?

Elliott Maynard

Dr. Elliott Maynard is a scientist in the finest sense of the word. He does not simply think outside the box. With Elliott, there is no box, no tabus, no systemic imperatives that suppress imagination and the opportunity for research and deliberate science. His new book, “Brave New Mind, Living in a Future Science World”  sets forth the quantum-field science for the future: a new conscious operating system for humans and the environment. His 25 keys to personal and planetary evolution form a living tapestry which reveals how anyone can access the quantum field to enrich their lives and expand their consciousness.

Future-Science Technology: A New Operating System for Humans and Planet Earth

William Bergquist

Bill Bergquist is a world class philosopher and advocate for positive change in
the world. His day job is as President of a Graduate School, Author, Publisher and
Advocate for the Future of Coaching. As his article in this issue reveals, he is
a master theorist, analyst, and spokesman for the kind of world that is possible
from the best of us paying a lot of attention to conscious evolution.

The Ultra-Genius Gene: Micro-Evolution and Genetic Anomalies

Charlie Smith

Dr. Smith is an author, senior executive coach and does research into novel methods for personal and organizational transformation. He is Executive Editor of Transformation Magazine.

Disengaging the Autopilot

Jonathan Lewis Smith

Jonathan is an advocate for human and planetary transformation who works with Greenpeace in Orange County, California. He is an environmentalist, researcher,  analyst, public speaker, conflict resolver, teacher, and writer. His skill in communicating with courage and kindness in public and private settings is unparalleled. He is a graduate of Rollins College, The Earth Ship Academy in Taos, New Mexico and Founder of “The Republic,” a University based, non partisan program to mobilize student participation and advocacy in the American political process.

“It’s Okay . . . Not Today . . . But I Support You Guys Anyway”

Peter Roche

Peter Roche is a Wisdom Mentor. His has years of experience in transformational organization consulting, executive coaching and culture change management. He is one of the very few professional coaches I’ve known from whom nothing is a matter of rote instruction, repetition, or irrelevant  process. When, faced with a complex and daunting business or personal challenge, I trust Peter completely.

It is Time to Reinvent the Organization: As Places for People to Express Passion and Purpose

Dr. Marc Cooper

Marc is a leader in transforming the future of Dentistry. He has deep personal and analytic experience and insight into the phenomenon and science of leadership transformation, change management and culture change. Dr. Cooper’s professional career includes private periodontist, academician, researcher, teacher, practice management consultant, corporate consultant, trainer, seminar director, board director, author, entrepreneur and inventor.

Future-Present Singularity

Brad Thompson

Brad is a social entrepreneur and an inventor. His work is in research and development into values and entrepreneurial methods that integrate social change and business success. He has a powerful sense of what’s relevant and what’s trivial, what has broad potential for “betterment” and what mostly benefits elites and people who control infrastructures at the expense of wage earners. He is a small business owner who finds new ways to be effective and assure peace with justice.

A New Pathway to Personal Freedom


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