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Transformation: A Road Map

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Charles Smith, Executive Editor, invites you to become a reader and contributor in Transformation: A Road Map.

Our mission is to help you navigate the “unseeable” to arrive at the perfect destination for all involved in ways nothing short of amazing.

Issue Thirteen

Conscious Conversation will take you and others Beyond Disruption.

At this extraordinary time, the most important question we can ask is how to deal with massive disruption;  personally, nationally, financially, in our careers, our families, and the way we interact with companies and each other.  The ways we buy products, and what we expect from a service perspective is changing rapidly.  Entry barriers in corporations are going down and scale is less meaningful.  The challenge is how to transform ourselves, our companies and our communities to live in this new world and foster a culture of human mutuality, including both performance excellence and personal nourishment.

Conscious Conversation is about Advanced Freedom  — the ability of individuals and groups to make wise choices based on contemplation and the awareness that, “if I’m free and you are not, neither of us is free”, and the systems we operate in often use force and arbitrary structure rather than the unlimited energy of human mutuality.

French Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said that, “The greatest sin of all is to turn something concrete into something abstract.”   A Conscious Conversation does not come from saying the right words or sounding smart.  It comes from the experience of mutuality, truthfulness, letting go, moving on, and honest-to-goodness inquiry with few necessary preconceptions.  A Conscious Conversation isn’t driven by agenda, but by the experience of intimacy, respect, and a search for shared meaning.

And like King Arthur’s magical kingdom, Conscious Conversation is a “Camelot Phenomenon.”  It doesn’t last and must be renewed, over and over, forever.

In this issue great minds and experienced professionals explore the possibility.

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