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This issue of Transformation is about the subjects of Yes and No. It’s an attempt to look for what’s underneath that keeps so many in the ignorance of isolation and far from the possibility of grand futures. We all have a relationship to saying yes and to saying no. One of the accomplishments in my life was to teach my children to be able to say no to me straight up. Too many parents require their children to always say yes to them one way or another even when they really mean no. The result in families and relationships is an overwhelming burden of rules and processes which become inauthentic and stifling. Children carry these patterns on into their own work teams and relationships.

In this issue, seven extraordinary people (actually eight with one co-authored article) tell a story about yes and no with masterful sensitivity in language.

Anita Doron: The Memory of Flight

Anita is a Canadian Academy Award nominee. She is a Ted Fellow, writer, and film maker whose imagination, flair and soul creates a new context for human development and coaching.

Alexander Berlonghi: No! An Ontological Perspective

Alexander is one of the leading Ontological Coaches in the world. His current practice is in training coaches and consulting with universities in Peru and Chile, and with business executives and managers in South America, the United States and Europe. His methods are unique with extraordinary impact on people’s behavior and attitudes.

Victor Sanchez: About Yes and No

Victor is an author and teacher who’s innovative work has made the wisdom of the ancient Toltec Indians available and relevant to the lives and work of countless people in the Americas and Europe. He has special interest in moving the future of coaching from process to wisdom driven.

Charles E. Smith: Dancing Our Way Into Heaven

Charlie is a leadership and organizational development consultant with 44 years experience in North America, England, France, Sweden, Italy China, India, Belgium. Holland, and Germany. He is Author of the Merlin Factor, Navigating from the Future, and many articles exploring the nature of the realities on which coaching is based.

John Stewart and Victoria Wilding: Metasystemic Cognition and Coaching

John Stewart is an Australian-based evolutionary theorist and activist whose main focus has been on the trajectory of evolution. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book ‘Evolution’s Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity’.

Victoria Wilding is Principal of SYMPLICITUS. To her role, she brings 25 years experience in senior executive positions within the corporate, government and community sectors in Australia and around the world.

Genevieve Morin: Don’t Stop With the First No

Genevieve is National Sales Manager at Novartis Consumer Health in Montreal, Canada. She is an entrepreneurial and sales driven professional with a consultative approach and a strong commitment to quality. She has great analytical and planning skills with the ability to coordinate the efforts of large numbers of people to meet organizational goals. She strives for change and has the ability to adapt. Her coaching approach gives a clear balance between improving skills and challenging people.

Mick Crews: Fifty Shades of “No”

Mick Crews is one of the best organizational development coaches in the world. From his history as a Board Member of a major British ocean going shipping company, and coach to private industry and social organizations, he has educated and practical advice, as well as wise caution.

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