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Today, there are countless people around the world who recognize that a new way of looking at business, society and economics needs to infuse the planet if we are to survive in a non dystopian world framed by humane rather than non human technological and financial values. Mostly, no one yet has a clue, and what’s needed is a modern E=MC2, a theory that let’s us practically release the energy required for such a dramatic change.

I propose that this article is directionally correct.

Time is running out

  • Fascism is on the march.
  • Democracy is losing its street credentials worldwide.
  • Money is more important than people, almost everywhere.
  • Conflict is normal.
  • Corporations and very wealthy people control media, and with that control politics and government.
  • Greed and self-interest have convinced vast numbers of people to believe that thinking and analysis is a liberal plot.
  • Debilitating Racism is in the air we breathe and invisible to the majority.
  • Civil liberties and institutional protection of individual and group freedom are under assault.
  • World population is growing by billions every few years.
  • Scientific evidence is discredited to excite uneducated political constituencies.
  • The god of digital reality embraces economics, while too many people work for hopelessly low wages.
  • The ability to make big war prevents attention to critical human needs.
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