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Using the Astronaut experience as a stimulus, might it be possible to create a Space of Possibility outside these blockages to help resolve conflict and debilitating boundary problems in business, government, politics and healthcare?

Such blocks include:


There’s a paradox, an apparent contradiction, between the certainty required for high performance and the Overview Consciousness that allows for the experience of wonder and sustainable positive relationship.  Consider that attention to both is fully legitimate and necessary to create high performing and human systems in business, government, and relationships.

My wonderful teacher and friend, Erving Polster was a founder of Gestalt Therapy and has made stellar contributions to people and psychology all over the world.   I once asked him, “How can you be so creative, present, imaginative, and agile in your thinking and impact?” He paused, then said, “I always pay attention to my confusion before my certainty.”

Most everyone I’ve ever met is looking for certainty all the time.   The more you must have certainty, the less attention you can pay to creativity and possibility.  The astronauts who seemed to most embrace the Overview Effect were those who least needed certainty from their experience in space.   Addiction to certainty eliminates the possibility of transformation or transcendence.  In moments when the Overview Effect is present, there is no possibility of certainty, and requiring it keeps the effect from happening.

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