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Can I choose to take the force out of my relationships where I want to? Can I somehow put [‘brackets’] around my resistance and my identity, such that the force disappears, and the background of the relationships allows the Overview Effect?  Am I not, in fact, the cause or source of the ‘Overview Effect’ whenever my identity-based resistance disappears?


Looking at the earth from space is deeply moving and words cannot capture it.  It’s too complicated and my response is visceral, not mental.

From Apollo 8

Explanation itself suppresses the Overview Effect.  In the moment of experiencing transcendence, there is never any explanation, nor the need for it.  What’s not there in that moment is explanation itself.

The human race is drowning in a sea of explanation.  We are fish living in oceans of explanation.  Women explaining men and men explaining women.  Religious explanations about how the world was created, what God wants from us, and how I’d better be good or else.  I listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio; I like way he thinks.  He’s smart, has an explanation for everything, and it’s always the same; Conservative is good, and Liberal is bad.  Rush could find something wrong in the way Barack Obama feeds his dog.  Everybody has clay feet, but their explanations always make themselves right and their opponents wrong.  Investment companies and banks explain the virtues of security and greed.  I can no longer believe the explanations of anyone who is selling something; they only tell me the part aimed at helping the sale.  Advertising, public relations, people in bars, politicians and nations all have ‘Explanation Addiction’ in common.  These explanations create the illusion of certainty and avoid the discomfort and anxiety inherent in raising fundamental questions.

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