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The curators of LPC decided in 2011 that they could deliver yet another feature to the Library. Much as museums often feature special exhibits as well as offering their general collection, so it would seems that a digital library such as LPC could offer special collections of essays that would be gathered together in digital magazines. As in the case of museum exhibits, some of the essays could be gathered from those already published in LPC, while others could be recruited from other sources or written specifically for an issue of the magazine. Editors were recruited for each of the new magazines and four magazines were created that typically published new issues each four months. These magazines ranged in topic from the study of transformational processes to the role played by senior leadership in community development, and from the nature of deep caring (generativity) to the rich insights offered by Marshall Goldsmith.

The Future of Coaching

In November, 2012, a core strategic group met in Santa Fe, NM to explore the future of coaching and how the Library could best serve the profession.  Below is a photo of the participants:


Back Row: Ken Kesslin, Linda Page, Bill Bergquist, Bill Carrier

Middle Row:  David Goldsmith, Cheryl Green, Suzi Pomerantz, Jeannine Sandstrom, John Heinritz, Garry Schleifer

Front Row:  Anne Miller, Renee Freedman, Agnes Mura, Charlie Smith

Emerging from this Santa Fe meeting was a commitment made by Bill Bergquist (a co-curator of LPC) and Bill Carrier to establish a new coach-focused magazine called The Future of Coaching that would be housed within LPC. This LPC magazine was established in 2013 and has now published more than 20 issues. Topics rang from the status of research on coaching to the ethics of coaching, and from the philosophical foundations of coaching to the ways that coaching is being engaged for the greater good.

Many of the participants at the Santa Fe meeting have served as co-editor with Bergquist and Carrier of specific Future of Coaching issues.

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