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Crisis of Internal Expertise: Interview with Bill Carrier

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Following is an interview with Bill Carrier–a senior executive coach who specializes in work with leaders of major organizations. The interview is conducted by Kevin Weitz and builds on his own work as a consultant and coach, and as guest co-editor of two issues of The Future of Coaching that focus on work with clients who are facing the opportunities and challenges of receiving feedback as well as expert observations and perspective. Here is the interview.



The insights offered by Bill Carrier fully compliment those offered in the other essays in this issue of The Future of Coaching. Bill identifies yet another element of crisis regarding expertise. He suggests that the source of expertise which challenges many of his clients comes from their own head and heart!  Bill often finds that the men and women he is coaching don’t fully appreciate the wisdom, skills and relevant experiences in their own life and work that can be applied to the problems they are currently facing.

Bill suggests that senior level leaders (whom he primarily serves) usually are comfortable in engaging and accepting the expertise of other people–that is a primary reason why they have been successful and are in senior positions of leadership. There is the challenge of sorting through and discerning the diverse perspectives provided by those offering advice; however, Bill’s clients typically have been doing this discernment for many years and know who to listen to and who to ignore. However, as Bill mentioned, his clients often don’t listen to their own internal voice.

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